Frequently asked Question

What is minimum package?

You can start with as low as $25 with out packages and start earning back on investment within 24 hours.

What is Max Hashing?

We are a small mining & investment company located in the UK, we have mining operations in state of Washington and handle trading from small offices in UK. We started mining in 2015 with daily trading in 2016, we coupled both services together to insure profitability in all types of markets. We are new and very excited to offer our services now to Bitcoin community.

How do I Add a Package?

Once you have signup, you can choose from one of our 4 packages which ever best suits you. Make sure you highlight package and wait till amount changes in box, you add your investment amount and click submit. You will be guided to checkout where you can send payment, package will be added accordingly and within 24 hours. If you have any questions or problems, please make sure to contact us at

How does Max Hashing work?

Currently we have over 900 mining rigs running, we assign a certain amount of hashpower with your purchase (amount varies). This is how we currently breakdown all investments. Lets say you invest $1,000.00 with Max Hashing, 50% of your purchase immediately goes toward your hashpower, 20% is used with our brokers for daily trading to insure max profitability, 20% is used for maintenance & electricity, & the last 10% is put into a reserve account which allows for Bitcoin fluctuation. This is insures that your contact is honored & you receive max daily profits 7 days a week!

How Long is My Package Good For?

All packages are a 1 year standard agreement.

Why Do You Not Offer Longer Terms?

Our packages are designed to offer fastest ROI in the market! Currently if you purchase with Max Hashing typical ROI is less than 40 days with remaining being your profits!

I have signed users under my referral link and have not received credit?

If you have signed people over and they have deposited, if for some reason you did not receive your commission please forward screenshot of referral list that shows deposit to and someone will get back to you promptly to fix error.

I have submitted for a withdrawal but nothing is happening?

You may have not added your BTC address, to do this please log in to your dashboard and click on settings you will see a tab that says View Profile, click that you can edit your BTC address at anytime with no delays. Please be advised if you add incorrect address any funds sent can not be returned or transaction canceled. Please make sure you are adding correct BTC address then click submit. Withdrawal should be active.

What Fees Are Involved?

You are not charged daily any fees, currently we have a set rate for withdrawal fees which is 15% deducted from your available balance. This covers withdrawals, maintenance & electricity. This is extremely competitive as most other sites charge a daily fee as high as 60%.

What is Minimum Withdrawal?

We have a low minimum withdraw of only $25.