Each miner package has a designated amount of hashpower assigned to it depending on level & purchase amount. We have over 900+ miners working 24/7 to insure max profitibility. Your packages include profits from mining, Bitcoin fluctuation and daily trading. Generally speaking your deposit is used as follows, 50% for purchase of new miner equipment which we do monthly, 20% in a reserve account to cover maitenance & electricity, 20% to be used with our broker for trading this is how we generate more profits daily! The remainding 10% is put on reserve or hold to allow Bitcoin price increase. Our service is the best guarantee in profits as we work in many fronts in the industry to guarantee Max profits! MaxHashing miner packages are most profitible in any Bitcoin market this is how we have engineered our service. 


Our plans are very easy choose from our Beginner, Advance, Professional or Ultra Miner Packages each give you a fixed interest amount earned daily Mon-Sun! They are all 1 year contracts, enjoy a full ROI in less than 30 days for most plans, plus a solid referral bonus of 7% every time you refer someone and they complete deposit. These packages pay for themselves and the best method to maintain solid profits in any market up or down. With levels from $100.00-$50,000 and rates of 2%-7% daily! We are here for our customers and to build a trustworthy community. Join us now and start making Max profits!